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Conversion optimization in web design

 Elements of a successful business website – Part II

A successful business website needs two important fundamentals: Search engine optimization and conversion optimization. This article is about conversion optimization in web design. For the first element see Local SEO in San Luis Obispo County.


Use visual simplicity in design and complementary color schemes. Shoot for one primary piece of art. Use one main headline and supporting subheads. Strive for balance in the overall design. A good template for good web design can be achieved by using the “golden ratio” in sizing and spacing elements.

Web address

Choose a URL and title that accurately describe the company’s goods, services and city. This is important for local SEO and getting found online by search engines.


Use a narrow banner, or header, at top with business name in the upper left-hand corner. It’s narrow because we need space to get our core content above the fold. Don’t add unnecessary words in this bar. Keep artwork in the top banner clean and simple.  Dark text with light background is good. The banner should quickly communicate to the viewer that they found the right place. The banner should link back to the home page.

Phone number

Place the phone number with area code at the top right of the page. It can go in the header or at the top of the right column. Make it large enough not to be missed. Include a call to action like “free consultation,” “free estimates,” etc.


Below the header include a menu row with links to important pages on the site. For a basic site we usually recommend: Home, Services, About Us, Contact Us. More advanced sites should include Additional Services, Resources, Testimonials, and a blog.

Main art

Place a beautiful photo above the fold. Build visual interest. Attractive, smiling people engaging the company’s product or service are best. Or use a slider with several pics. Add short caption headlines describing the photos. A video makes an even bigger splash. Keep it short and simple.


Write a compelling headline about the company’s products and services, but don’t forget using keywords and location for good SEO. Use it to sell the reader into reading the body text.


Use subhead lines to create a series of little sells to the reader. Focus them on the benefits and unique sales proposition of the business.

Body text

A good site solves problems and answers questions. Write interesting copy. Explain details of the company’s products and services. What do they do? Who are they? Why are they the best choice? Make it warm and friendly without a high-pressure sales pitch. Write 250 to 800 words with core content. Don’t make the mistake of writing too little. Search engines don’t like that and neither do readers. They came to the site to get information, so give it to them.

White paper or special offer

Include a compelling offer near the top right of the page, just below the phone number with a call to action and an email capture. Give away valuable content. Create a white paper the viewer will be drawn to. Examples: “Get your free copy of my life insurance guide today,” “Five things every car owner should ask before getting a repair estimate,” “Top 10 wedding planning tips.” These resources position the business as an expert in the field. It says this business is a giver and an educator. Second best would be a special offer, big discount, free consultation, or free estimate.

Capture emails

Create an email capture form so you can follow-up with viewers. People are more likely to send an email inquiry than make a call. Offer something of value in return. Don’t just say, “Join our email list.”


Use testimonials on the side bar, slider and separate page. Get testimonials from customers and include photos. Include a “submit a testimonial” button and form. Optional button: “People Love Us On Yelp.”

Social media

Include icons and links to company profiles. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest are good options. Options include social media news feeds. A Facebook box will show friends and posts. This can build trust.

Trust icons

Establish credibility with logos from business organizations like the Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, and professional associations. Are you a proud sponsor of a local sports team? Use their logo and say so. Do you accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover? Include those icons. They communicate to the consumer that this is a trusted business.

Top clients

Are there well-known top clients that add credibility to the businesses? Ask them if you can include their logos on your site.

Additional pages

Service pages: Create a unique page for each service the company offers. Follow the suggestions above and those for SEO in completing them. For each additional page write 250- 800 words of content and include photos. Do not duplicate content across web pages.

Resources page

Help consumers make a good buying decision by offering them valuable information and links. These tips and recommended sites are usually from other sources and help present the business as an educator and expert.

Blog page

A blog is a page that features a topical article from the business and an archive to previous articles. Blogs show that the website is current and authoritative. Add a new blog post at least once a month.

About us page

Write a biography of the business and owners. Include photographs of the owners and/or managers.

Contact page

Make this the farthest right on the menu navigation. Include business name, address, phone, email contact, map and photo of the physical location.


Call to action: Repeat a common call to action on every page on or near the footer. Often time viewers will scroll to the bottom of the page to look for this message. Examples: “It’s easy to schedule your appointment, call us today! (805) XXX-XXXX. Use the word “today.”

Contact: Include the business name linked to the home page, address, phone, email contact on the footer of every page.

Credibility: Add small links to a sitemap and privacy policy. Include payment options here if they are not already on the side bar. These build trust.

Don’t’ worry if you think this plan is too formulaic or too much of a template. Use this formula because it’s proven to work. It’s a blueprint for a successful business website.

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