News Where did my Google Authorship photo go?



12/18/14, search term: limo paso robles. Google Authorship is not displayed, but the byline is showing.

Search term: limo paso robles. Google Authorship is displayed

Google Authorship photos disappear

In the last couple days Google changed how search engine results display photos in Google Authorship. They no longer appear for many search queries.

Here is a question posted to the Google Products forum:

“My Google Authorship Photo Disappeared: Hi guys, I have read and done everything under the sun. But my photo recently disappeared from Google Serps. I have even changed my Photo. Did a Structured Test and all is green.”

So far there aren’t any answers coming from the search engine giant about it’s Google Authorship program. So here is my conjecture:

Google is constantly testing its search engine results and algorithm. Google sometimes changes the way it displays results on a daily basis. Changes come in the form of the rankings of results, film strip style display at top, Google+ local 3-pack, 5-pack, 7-pack or no G+L listings. Expect changes all the time for Google.

We have dozens of clients that we have helped with Google Authorship. As of today, very few have a profile pic showing up, but not all are missing. Fortunately, all of them still have the “by author’s name” in the search engine results.

Most likely Google is improving the user experience by deciding to display profile photos based on the author’s authority. What do I mean by author’s authority? Ask your self if you are doing the following:

Get your photo in SERPs with Google Authorship

  • Set it up correctly and test it:

  • Add people to your circles regularly

  • Encourage people to connect with you on Google+

  • Post your blogs and new pages on Google+

  • Share content relevant to your business or expertise

  • +1 content on Google+

  • Comment on stories and write reviews

Basically, you need to be active on Google+ if you want your Google Authorship to show your photos. That is my best advice.

Regardless of whether or not your photos is showing up in the SERPs, I’m convinced based on our clients’ ranking reports that Google Authorship is a positive SEO ranking factor. we will keep using it.