News Local companies team up to donate 1,500 more masks for local businesses in need



local business owner holding medical masks

Callie Lambeth of the Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce takes delivery of 1,500 surgical masks to distribute to local businesses.

Teresa Rhyne Law Group, HFG Coastal Insurance, and Paso Robles Daily News donate additional 1,500 masks for local businesses

–Teresa Rhyne Law Group, HFG Coastal Insurance, and Paso Robles Daily News teamed up this week to donate an additional 1,500 masks to the Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce to distribute to local businesses in need during the COVID-19 crisis. That’s on top of the 1,000 masks donated by Access Publishing last week, which were distributed to over 70 local businesses.

The Chamber of Commerce is offering them to its members through online requests. “As we prepare to reopen, the masks are now available for distribution to our local businesses,” the Chamber of Commerce said in a recent announcement. “For distribution purposes, you will be able to select a bundle of 5, 10, 15, or 20 masks per company.”

Pick up date and time at the Chamber’s office will be announced. Businesses may request masks from the Chamber of Commerce by clicking here.

“These are unprecedented times and we could not be more grateful to have community leaders like Scott and Beth Brennan who are taking every opportunity to support our local businesses,” said Gina Fitzpatrick, CEO of the Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce. “Not only did they generously donate themselves twice, but they inspired other leaders to do so as well. HFG Coastal Insurance Services and The Teresa Rhyne Law Group donated another 1,000 masks bringing the grand total to 2,500 masks!”

“As we face the unique challenges with the impending reopening of our city, we are immensely grateful for the sense of support and camaraderie within the Paso Robles business community,” Fitzpatrick said.

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Local attorney Teresa Rhyne said, “When Access Publishing reached out looking for local businesses to help donate masks to our front-line retail and restaurant workers, we knew The Teresa Rhyne Law Group had to be part of this amazing example of community outreach and giving. As our town and our county begin to open slowly under the state and federal guidelines, we believe that the health and safety of those working in restaurants, retail shops, salons, and everywhere allowed to open is paramount. We want to ensure that everyone who needs a mask can get a mask, which is why we are so honored to work with Access Publishing and the Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce to put as many masks as we can in the hands of those who need them the most.”

Sarah Hinds

Paso Robles insurance agent Sarah Hinds-Martin added, “HFG Coastal Insurance is pleased to donate 500 surgical masks to the Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce to disburse to our local businesses. Here at HFG, we provide health insurance options, knowledge, and tools to employers. We also provide free assistance to local individuals and help them obtain health insurance either through the Covered CA exchange or directly with the carrier. We are seeing first-hand how our business clients and local individuals are struggling. We hope that with this donation we can ease some of that struggle. Remember that the special-enrollment period due to the Coronavirus for individual plans has been extended until June 30th for a July 1st effective date.”

Access Publishing co-owner and Paso Robles Daily News publisher Scott Brennan said, “We are grateful to be able to help the local business community any way we can during this pandemic. Our gratitude really goes to our hundreds of advertisers and SEO customers who have made it possible for us to purchase and donate these masks. We ask our readers to please patronize them, and all of our local businesses.”

“We are working on getting more masks into our community and looking for businesses and organizations who would like to collaborate with us in purchasing more masks to donate,” Brennan said. He can be reached at, for more information.