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top search engine in Paso Robles

Almost 90-percent of local searches are done with Google.

It’s no surprise that Google is the top dog when it comes to online search engines. But while national statistics show Google getting around 66-percent of the search engine market share, locally Google’s stats spike.

Nearly 90-percent of local search engine traffic comes from Google, according to an analysis of over 250,000 Internet searches over the past 12 months that brought traffic to the Paso Robles Daily News.

Local search traffic

Google 89%
Bing 6%
Yahoo 4%
AOL 1%

“It’s not surprising that Google’s dominance is growing here. We live in a tech-savvy region of the country and Google is consistently delivering the highest quality search results,” says Scott Brennan, CEO of Access Publishing and an expert in search engine optimization. “While Google continually invests in its search engine and makes algorithm updates, the other companies often return older and less relevant information.”

“We offer web design, online marketing, and search engine optimization services that help our clients rank higher on results pages,” Brennan says. “We focus our efforts on Google’s search results because it gives our clients the best return on their investment,” he says.

The data analyzed was collected by’s Jetpack Site Stats, which is integrated in the back end of the Paso Robles Daily News website. The software records how users get to the site. Out of 1.5-million page views in the last year, 250,000 views were delivered by search engine results. The raw data is listed below:

what search engine is most popular in Paso Robles

Raw data of 12 months of traffic to the Paso Robles Daily News from top search engines.











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