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40% of users will abandon a website if page load time is more than three seconds

It’s shocking how impatient we have all become. Several recent studies have shown that slow website loading speed can directly result in loss of sales, poor customer satisfaction and a damaged reputation. According to Forrester Research, Internet users expect websites to load in under two seconds. 

Forty-percent of users say they will abandon a website if page load time is more than three seconds. Researchers found that a one second delay in Microsoft Bing search results will cause a two-percent drop in revenue.

You can blame it on our genes — people always want the technology they interact with to work faster, and online applications are no exception. Internet users are getting less and less tolerant of poorly performing websites.

How do I test how fast my website loading speed is?

A website called Pingdom offers a free tool for testing the speed of your website. See an example of the results above. Click here to test the load time of a website.

What can you do to improve website loading speed?

The number one factor is the the speed and connection of the server hosting your website. If you have an old website, hosted by a computer store, it’s probably loading slowly. You want to move your website to hosting that’s close to a backbone connection to the internet.

If you are a do-it-yourself tech, check out these 15 Tips to Speed Up Your Website from

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