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Expect to see more page views than visitors, because many people will go to more than one page.

Access Publishing helps over 100 local businesses with online marketing and search engine optimization. For each client we create custom reports to help them track the success of their website. The generated reports show how many page views and visitors the website has had over the previous month. The reports may be generated by Google Analytics or WordPress Jetpack.

What is a ‘page view’?

A page view (PV) or page impression is a request to load a single HTML file (web page) of an Internet site. On the World Wide Web, a page request would result from a web surfer clicking on a link on another “page” pointing to the page in question. This should be contrasted with a “hit”, which refers to a request for any file from a web server. There may be several hits per “page” view since an HTML “page” can be made up of multiple files. Page views refer to a number of pages which are viewed or clicked on the site during the given time.

Page views may be counted as part of web analytics. For the owner of the site, this information can be useful to see if any change in the “page” (such as the information or the way it is presented) results in more visits. – Wikipedia

What is a ‘visit’?

A visit happens when someone visits a website. It consists of one or more page views and hits. One visitor can make multiple visits to your site. Technically, a visitor is the browser of a person who accepts a cookie.